UB Signs MoU with Nagoya City University Japan

Rector Prof. Widodo, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.Med.Sc and NCU President Kiyofumi Asai

Nagoya City University (NCU) Japan invited a delegation from Universitas Brawijaya (UB) to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU), Thursday (23/05/2023). The signing of this MoU is a follow-up to the cooperation that was initiated in 2012.

UB’s delegation consists of the Rector Prof. Widodo, S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.Med.Sc, Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation, and Internationalization Andi Kurniawan, S.Pi., M.Eng.D.Sc, Secretary of the University Dr. Tri Wahyu Nugroho, S.P., M.Si, Director of the International Office Didik Hartono, S.S., M.Pd, and lecturer representatives who have research and publication collaborations with NCU.

The Rector said that the collaboration between UB and NCU had been established for a long time, even before the signing of the MoU.

“I myself collaborated with the NCU in the early 2000s. And this year UB sent one student to take part in a student exchange at NCU with full funding from NCU, as well as a Joint Research between NCU Lecturers and UB Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences lecturers,” said the Rector.

The Rector hopes that more and more UB lecturers and students will be able to continue their studies and various collaborative activities at NCU.

NCU President, Kiyofumi Asai in his speech said that cooperation between UB and NCU is a very valuable opportunity and the signing of the MoU is a concrete manifestation of the parties to fully support the educational and research activities carried out by the two universities.

“NCU has four campuses located in Sakurayama and Takiko, we are very open to accepting lecturers and students from UB on our campus,” he said.

Apart from signing the MoU, the UB delegation also visited the NCU Hospital, which is a hospital that is professionally managed by NCU and is one of the best hospitals in Nagoya City.

In this activity, the NCU showed various innovations carried out by the hospital as an outcome of research conducted by NCU lecturers and researchers. The leaders of UB and the leaders of the NCU Hospital discussed several things that could be implemented in UB Hospital, as well as the possibility of collaborating.

“UB also has a hospital managed by the university and the Faculty of Medicine which is one of the best faculties in Indonesia, it is possible to send our students to study at NCU and vice versa,” concluded the Rector. [RG/Irene]

Rector Prof. Widodo, S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.Med.Sc and NCU President Kiyofumi Asai