UB Will Open Master of Government Science Study Program Soon

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB) is preparing to open Master of Government Science study program. Currently, the establishment process is in the stage of applying for a permit.

Head of the Department of Politics, Government, International Relations (PPHI) FISIP UB, Aswin Ariyanto Azis SIP, MDevSt explained that the establishment of Master Program in Government Science is one of the work programs of PPHI department.

This Master alumnus of The University of Melbourne revealed that there are two reasons why the Master of Government Science study program is feasible to establish. First, because of the public’s request, which continuously asks about the potential for further studies in Master of Government Sciences UB.

“Moreover, the accreditation of S1 Governmental Sciences at UB is already A, so it is considered qualified to open Master program,” he said to FISIP Public Relation, Wednesday (19/1/2022).

Then about the peculiarities, if UB Government Science Master Program is approved, it will be the only state campus in East Java that has master’s degree in government science.

“Of course, if it is already established, it will make it easier for relevant stakeholders who want to continue their master’s degree linearly on government science or Civil Servant which is indeed closely related to the study of Government Science,” said Aswin.

Currently, Aswin said, the proposal for the establishment of UB Government Science Master Degree study program is undergoing a review process at the university level which will then go to the Ministry.

Then, when will UB Government Science Master Degree study program be opened? Aswin admitted that it would most likely at the odd semester of the 2022/2023 academic year.

“However, if the review process runs quickly, the Master Degree establishment team has prepared to anticipate the opening of the Masters in Government Sciences in the even semester of 2022,” continued this alumni of the University of Hasanuddin Makassar.

Aswin believes that Master Degree in Government Sciences study program will be flooded with enthusiasts since it gets institutional support at every level. Then the study program network from both graduates and graduate users.

“Of course, this network also makes it easier for us to plan to socialize the establishment of Master of Government Science in UB,” he said. (Humas FISIP/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)