UB Provides Shuttle Bus for UTBK Participants

For the well implementation of UTBK, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) provides two shuttle bus for the exam participants.

The shuttle bus will take the participants to the test location according to the predetermined drop zone.

The Facilities and Infrastructure Division of UB, Huda explained that there are five drop zones provided which are drop zone 1 FPIK, Fapet, FMIPA, FIB, and FP, drop zone 2 FH, FISIP, FT, and TIK, drop zone 3 Vocational, drop zone 4 FEB , FIA, and FTP, and drop zone 5 Filkom, FKG, and FK.

“This shuttle bus can be used for participants who use public transportation or can be dropped off at the veteran gate. We will immediately ask for each participant who walks on the exam location. If it is far away, we will immediately ask to get on the shuttle bus so that it can be escorted to each test location, “he said.

Meanwhile, students or companion who bring their own vehicles will be directed to parking pockets such as behind FPIK and Fapet and the Samantha Krida Building.

Vita, one of UTBK participants from Jombang admitted that the shuttle bus was greatly helped because it was more efficient in time.

“Initially, I did not know that UB provided a shuttle bus. It turns out that with this shuttle bus I can more efficiently manage the time to the exam location,”she said.


The shuttle bus provided by UB is a HIACE vehicle. The shuttle bus will be stand by for two sessions in the morning and at noon.

“In the morning at 5.15 we have prepared for the afternoon session at 11.00 the vehicle is getting ready to escort the participants,” he said. (OKY / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).