UB Won the General Champion of Rotating Cup of Abdul Kahar Mudzakkir X

UB Students in the National Moot Court Competition (NMCC)

Students of Universitas Brawijaya again won achievements. This time, it came from a delegation from the Faculty of Law in the Abdul Kahar Mudzakkir X Rotating Cup competition in the National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) event. This event was organized by the Faculty of Law, Islamic University of Indonesia, on Monday (10/7/2023).

In this event, UB Faculty of Law sent 16 participants consisting of Nadia Shafa Aulia, Raka Mafandi Wicaksono, Aiko Putri Zulkarnain, Gusti Dewi Anggraini Puteri, Akbar Wahyudi, Johanes Susanto Simatupang, Esania Salsabilla Dyna Purwanto, Ezekiel Ananta Depari, Aulia Nadira, Andra Restu Pertami, Dwi Kurniawan, Amanda Syafa Narissa, Reihannya Humairaa Widilestari, Laura Septiani Agatha, Tri Nur Widiya Ningrum and Elisa Salsabila Lutfiana Mahfud.

Moreover, UB Faculty of Law also sent Gladysta Viola Serafim, Justin Makarim Pradipta. Y and Michael Ronaldo Hutauruk as team assistants.

The competition process is quite long. These students have gone through all the series and stages in this competition. “Starting from the collection of files, preliminary round trial simulations, to final round trial simulations. Until finally, on July 10, 2023 the results of the competition were announced, and UB delegation managed to bring home this trophy. The training process itself is 5 months long,” said Raka Mafandi Wicaksono as one of the participants.

Among the awards won were Alternate Registrars won by Raka Mafandi Wicaksono and Elisa Salsabila Lutfiana Mahfud, Best Panel of Judges won by Laura Septiani Agatha, Ezekiel Ananta Depari and Amanda Syafa Narissa. The title of Best Public Prosecutor was won by Andra Restu Pertami and Gusti Dewi Anggraini Puteri.

The Best Expert Witnesses were Reihannya Humairaa Widilestari, Johanes Susanto Simatupang, Tri Nur Widita, Akbar Wahyudi, Aiko Putri Zulkarnain and Dwi Kurniawan. The best Sworn Officer was won by Nadia Shafa Aulia, and the Best Legal Counsel was won by Aulia Nadira and Esania Salsabilla Dyna Purwanto.

“From this competition, we finally brought home the award as General Champion. After this, we will still take part in the A.G Pringodigdo Cup NMCC in August-September. Hopefully this achievement will be a good start in 2023 for Universitas Brawijaya, the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya, and the Brawijaya Moot Court Community, concluded Raka. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]