UB is in 801+ Ranking of World Best in the Field of Computer Sciences

Dean Filkom

The Times Higher Education (THE) world ranking agency has re-released the world’s best universities by field of study (by subject).

THE assess 827 universities in the world that have the subject of Computer Science. THE do the ranking based on 5 indicators, which are: Citation, Industry Income, International Outlook, Research and Teaching. In Indonesia, there are 5 universities that pass the ranking of Computer Science by subjects, they are ITB, UI, ITS, Telkom University, and UB.

UB score for the Citation indicator is 12.4; Industry Income 45.2; International Outlook 17.8; 9.9 Research and Teaching 10.5. The total score achieved by UB in the field of Computer Science is 11.7 – 15.0.

Currently, UB has a Faculty of Computer Science (Filkom) which was established in 2011. Filkom UB manages 6 Study Programs (PS), namely: Informatics Engineering Study Program, Computer Engineering Study Program, Information System Study Program, Information Technology Study Program, Information Technology Education Study Program and Masters in Computer Science.

Information System Study Program and Information Technology Education Study Program have received A accreditation from BAN PT. This study program that has been A accredited is preparing to obtain international certification and accreditation. The other study program has been B accredited and is preparing for the re-accreditation process in 2021 and 2022 with the target of being superior (grade A). The lecturers of FILKOM UB are active in various international scientific activities and 4 of them have been included in the list of Top 500 Authors Indonesia Version of the Science and Technology Index (SINTA), https://filkom.ub.ac.id/page/read/news / four-researchers-filkom-ub-listed-top-500-writers-Indonesian-version-sinta / 56ca45d.

FILKOM students have also won several scientific competition awards both on a national and international scale. Collaboration with industry has also been established and enhanced to improve the competence of FILKOM lecturers and students and to support independent learning activities.

The Dean of FILKOM, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy S.Si., M.T., Ph.D, stated that this achievement was proud enough because it was included in THE world’s best 801+ version for the first time. Even though FILKOM UB is relatively new faculty and is the youngest faculty in UB.

‚ÄúThis is the most beautiful gift for FILKOM, who was celebrating its 9th anniversary on 27 October 2020. This also triggers us to continue improving the quality of education, research and community service carried out by all FILKOM academics. Various attempts have been made to make this happen, for example, currently the FILKOM Student Creativity Building is being built. This 5-storey building is planned to be done in 2021 and contains secretariat rooms for student activity units, a modern workspace to accustom students to work in digital era, and an incubator room for start-ups built by students. The design of a 7-storey building called the Research and Innovation Building FILKOM has also been completed. This building is planned to be completed in 2023 and used by various research laboratories in FILKOM to support research by lecturers and students with the support of the latest technology, “said Wayan.

Taken from the Wednesday edition of the timeshighereducation.com page (28/10/2020), THE announced the 11 subjects of best universities in the world.

In Indonesia, there are eight best universities according to THE WUR 2021 By Subject, namely UI, UB, UGM, ITB, IPB, UNPAD, UNDIP. Seven subjects in UB that are in the world’s top, include: Business and Economics (ranked 601+), Clinic and Health (601+), Social Sciences (601+), Computer Science (801+), Life Sciences (801+) , Physical Sciences (1001+), and Engineering (1001+). (KG / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).