UB Achieves Gold Rank in the 2023 Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating  Event (ASRRAT)

Andi Kurniawan S.Pi., M.Eng. D.Sc. (Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Internationalization) received the Gold Rank ‘Public Sector Category’ Award

The National Center for Corporate Reporting (NCCR) once again successfully held the 2023 Asia Sustainability Report Rating (ASRRAT) ranking ceremony at the Raffles Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (6/11/2023). With the theme “Navigating the Path to Net Zero: “Accelerating Climate Action In Asia,” this event was attended by 68 companies and organizations dedicated to transparency, accountability, and efforts to measure and mitigate the risk of environmental and social impacts.

Brawijaya University achieved a brilliant achievement, which won the Gold Rank award in the ‘Public Sector Category’ at the 2023 Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASSRAT). Of the 39 organizations that received a gold ranking for sustainability, UB emerged as one of the leaders.

This award was received directly by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Internationalization, Andi Kurniawan S.Pi., M.Eng. D.Sc. Andi Kurniawan was accompanied at this moment by the Director of the Center for External Campus Studies (PSDKU) UB Jakarta Campus, Prof. Drs. Gugus Irianto, MSA. Ph.D. Ak., and Prof. Eko Ganis Sukoharsono SE., M.Com.Hons., Ph.D.

In his statement, Andi Kurniawan explained that UB had prepared a self-report to show the results of self-evaluation regarding parameters that could show UB’s “sustainability” as a public institution. This evaluation involves parameters such as organizational governance, commitment to organizational development, commitment to sustainable development, and best practices in organizational administration.

According to Andi, this Gold Rank award is proof of UB’s efforts to continue to evaluate itself and adopt best practice standards in organizational management. “Obtaining Gold Rank status shows that UB is able to maintain quality and sustainability that is equal with well-known companies and leading public sectors at the national and even world level,” added Andi

This award is not only an achievement, but also an incentive for UB to continue making improvements to improve its quality and reputation. Brawijaya University is committed to remaining a quality and sustainable institution, in line with the global vision of climate action and sustainable development. (WDD/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)