UB, State University with the Most Enthusiasts From SNBP Route, Medicine is the Most Interested

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, M.P

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) accepted 5,380 students from 26,487 applicants in the 2023 Achievement-Based National Selection (SNBP). This number made UB ranked first in PTN with the most applicants and recipients of the most participants.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, M.P said, as one of the big campuses with a large number of study programs, namely 83 study programs for undergraduate and diploma levels, UB is sufficient to provide greater opportunities for prospective students.

“Of course with good qualifications, accreditation, and quality assurance. Besides that, the comfortable condition of Malang City as a student city with various facilities and easy access is also a special attraction,” he said.

The SNBP assessment (formerly known as National Selection for Entering PTN/SNMPTN) is carried out by giving a minimum weight of 50 percent for the average report card score for all subjects, and a maximum of 50 percent is taken from the report card scores for two supporting subjects, as well as academic and non-academic achievements.

The Study Programs with the most interest in Science and Technology are Medicine (1,917 applicants), followed by Informatics Engineering (1,281 enthusiasts), Nursing (1,201 applicants), Pharmacy (1,188 applicants), and Nutrition Science (966 applicants). Meanwhile, for Social Sciences, namely Psychology (1,592 interested), Accounting (1,547 interested), Management (1,537 interested), Law Studies (1,513 interested), and Communication Studies (1,328 interested).

Meanwhile, the study program that was the most rigorous for the Science and Technology group was Pharmacy with 4% stringency, followed by Medicine (4%), Nursing (5%), Nutrition (6%), and Dentistry Education (6%). Kekettan in the Soshum group namely Psychology (6%), Communication Studies (7%), Management (7%), International Relations (7%), and Accounting (8%).

In this selection process, UB accepted 750 KIP Lecture participants from 6,798 applicants.

“We congratulate UB new student candidates who are accepted through the SNBP route. And for prospective students who have not been accepted, don’t be discouraged, there are still several pathways, both the SNBT route through UTBK test and the Independent selection. There are still many opportunities. Keep it up!” concluded Imam Santoso.

For the preparation of UTBK itself, as one of the organizers, UB has mapped classes, infrastructure, computers, and networks, and ensured that the supporting facilities and infrastructure were suitable for use. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]