UB Places the Second Rank in the 2024 Webometrics Impact Ranking Indicator

Chairman of UPT Reputation, Adharul Muttaqin, S.T., M.T.

Universitas Brawijaya is in the 4th rank nationally in Webometric 2024. This achievement is a form of UB’s commitment in implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education as one of the Legal Entity State Universities (PTN-BH).

There are three indicators used in Webometrics to assess the quality of each university based on data on the internet, namely visibility (impact) of 50 percent, transparency (openness) of 10 percent, and excellence (scholar) of 40 percent.

Head of UPT UB Reputation, Adharul Mutaqien said that on the impact indicator, UB has a fairly high ranking. UB is ranked 206th in the world or 2nd nationally, which indicates that the dissemination of information is going well. So, many external websites refer to UB website or provide internal links.

‚ÄúVisibility measures more on the impact of website content. How much information is accessed by users,” he said.

Meanwhile, for another Webometrics indicator, namely Opennes, UB is ranked 849. Opennes is related to the number of citations from the top 210 authors. Meanwhile, for the last indicator, namely excellent, UB is ranked 2083.

“Openess comes from the number of citations from the top 310 scientific writers by eliminating the top 20 writers,” he explained.

“Excellence is related to the number of papers that are in the top 10% cited in each field of science at Scimago,” he continued. (FRHN/OKY/UB PR/ Trans.. Iir)