UB Becomes the Host of SATRIA DATA 2023 Activity: Increasing Competence in the Field of Statistics and Data Science

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) hosted Ria Statistics competition and Data Science Festival (SATRIA DATA) which was held at the Algorithm Auditorium – Building 2, Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) UB on Monday, 21 August 2023. With the theme “Innovating with Data: Independent Inspires, Creates Solutions, and Builds the Nation”, this event aims to improve students’ competence in statistics and data science, as well as provide facilities for them to develop interest and motivation in these fields. This activity was attended by the leadership including the Vice Rector, Deans, Expert Staff of the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Director of the Directorate of Student Affairs, Directorate of Career Development and Alumni, and Vice Dean of Student Affairs in UB with the jury and Satria Data finalists.

In his remarks, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Setiawan Noerdajasakti, S.H., M.H., expressed his gratitude to Indonesian Talent Development Center (BPTI) for entrusting UB campus as the coordinator for implementing SATRIA DATA this year. He stated that the main purpose of this activity was to introduce more broadly how the fields of statistics and data science have quite a massive impact on the development of technology and data analyst profession in the current era. In addition, the development of renewable technologies such as machine learning, the application of artificial intelligence and a fundamental understanding of the characteristics and functions of big data are also very much needed in daily digital activities. “UB provides full support for the development of student soft skills through a series of competitions in academic and non-academic fields, one of which is Satria Data, where this activity is expected to create data scientist practitioners to be able to compete in the modern industrial world, especially Asian countries which first contributing in this field, such as China, Japan, and South Korea with the results of their technological products which have had the impact of global progress,” he added.

The chairman the SATRIA DATA committee, Chomsin S Widodo, MSi., PhD, in his report also said that this event was attended by 625 students from 57 universities, with 34 study programs, there were 5 presenters from various institutions and practitioners who were involved in this activity. After passing through the selection stages, 122 students participated in the final round of Satria Data which were divided into several categories, namely the Statistic Essay Competition (SEC) consisting of 13 teams with a total of 39 students, Big Data Challenge (BDC) consisting of 12 teams of 35 students, Statistics Infographic Competition (SIC) consists of 12 teams of 36 students, as well as the Individual National Statistics Competition (NSC) with 12 students. “This year the participation of participants is not limited like in previous years and Satria Data is open to all students registered at PDDIKTI,” said Chomsin.

Prof. Widodo, S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.Med.Sc, as the Chancellor of UB gives his highest appreciation to the contestants from 22 universities who have made it through to the final round. He emphasized the importance of grounding the culture of society by understanding and using science in everyday life, forming a critical mass with the younger generation to foster a more aware behavior towards the broad application of science, and of course data analysis is a part of science. “If we continue to maintain this in a good and sustainable manner, then in the future the younger generation will be able to create a climate of social, community and even state progress through decision-making and action based on data and facts. The SATRIA DATA 2023 event at UB is a valuable momentum for students to hone their skills in statistics and data science, as well as establish effective collaborations so that they are able to encourage the progress of science and technology in the country,” he concluded. (WHY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir