UB Held Consequence Testing Consignment of the Excepted Information Proposals (DIK)

Universitas Brawijaya through the Information and Public Relations Division held a Consignment Agenda for Testing the Consequences of Excepted Information Proposal at UB Guest House (Wednesday, 9/8/2023). This activity was held in the context of synergy and information disclosure in accordance with the rules and regulations. UB as a public body that organizes and manages higher education is obliged to provide information needed by the community. This activity was attended by PPID and staff, Director of Budget and Treasury, Director of UB Hospital, Head of Library, Legal Services Subdivision, students, representatives of student parents, alumni, media, NGOs, and UB partners.

The Head of UB’s Information and Public Relations Division, Zulfaidah Penata Gama, PhD, said that even though UB gets an informative title, it is still required to display information that is excluded. Before publishing to the public, it is necessary to carry out a consequence test of excluded information, by holding meetings with relevant stakeholders.

The Secretary of Universitas Brawijaya and the Head of Information and Public Relations Division during the excluded information consignment

“So we present stakeholders, because we are a higher education public institution. So the most important thing is students, parents, alumni, journalists, then from NGOs and partners,” said Zulfaidah.

Then tested and mutually agreed upon, the Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) will notify the public of some of the excluded information. Proposed exempted information for 2023 includes income reports and PPh 21 which are collected. Also suggestions regarding student final project repository embargoes, official notes, memos, and leadership dispositions, CCTV recording data and taking confidential pictures or photos, letters or documents. Decision Letters regarding employment and staff appointments, medical record data, patient debt data to hospitals, and patient safety incident reports.

Excluded Information Consignment

Zulfaidah said that the proposal had been adjusted to the addition of various legal bases in the form of existing laws.

“Today we are trying to share it all with stakeholders, later the process will be whether it is approved or not. Some are also supervised by experts from the Central Information Commission,” he said.

He hopes that from this activity, the proposed DIK can be approved by those presented in the consequence test and become the DIK that will be determined by the Rector.

Meanwhile, University Secretary Dr Tri Wahyu Nugroho, SP, M.Sc. who attended representing UB Rector said he really supports the activities carried out by the Information and Public Relations Division. Because of that, proposing some exempted information is UB’s obligation as a public body. “The proposal is in accordance with the mandate of the law as well. For example, personal information that is very private cannot be disclosed publicly. So we are not arbitrary. Because there are rules of the game, that’s why in terms we are obliged to do a consequence test. Because if it’s not like that, we won’t be an informative public agency anymore,” he said. (UB PR/ Trans. Iir)