UB Receives More Than Six Thousand of New Students Through SBMPTN 2020

UTBK (Computer-Based Writing Examination) which is held nationally starting from 5/7/2020 and ending at 30/7/2020, the results are announced today (14/8/2020). The announcement of UTBK – SBMPTN results was moved forward from the original schedule, which is 20/8/2020.

SBMPTN enthusiasts who choose UB placed the second largest in Indonesia, which are 61,742. This has increased by 9.5% when compared to 2019, which are 55,871 enthusiasts.

In this SBMPTN, UB gets a quota of new students as many as 6,012 people (about 40% of the capacity). Meanwhile, 77 study programs are offered including 2 newly opened study programs, namely Forestry and Actuarial.

UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Nuhfil Hanani AR, MS said that those accepted through the SBMPTN used the pure UTBK score. “It should be noted that UB is the favorite of many applicants who choose UB. And the SBMPTN which uses the UTBK score passes because the value meets the requirements, “said Nuhfil. He hopes that the accepted new students can study and work at UB. “I congratulate students who are accepted through SBMPTN, and who do not pass the SBMPTN, do not be discouraged, because UB still has an Independent Selection Pathway (SMUB), whose registration has started on August 3, 2020,” continued the former dean of FP.

For the independent selection pathway, UB opens registration from 3-23 August 2020. This year UB’s independent selection (SMUB) uses two pathways, which are the UTBK score path and the report card path. For participants who have the 2020 UTBK score can register using the UTBK score. Meanwhile, participants who do not have the 2020 UTBK score can register using 2018, 2019, or 2020 report card scores. In both paths, participants can upload additional academic and non-academic achievements.

Further information regarding the requirements for re-registration of new students of SBMPTN and independent registration can be seen at: https://selma.ub.ac.id/

(KG / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)