UB Enters Semifinal Round on ‘Tarung Drajat’ Sport Branch

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) enters the semifinals round of Tarung Drajat Sports Branch which will be held on Saturday (26/3/2022) at Pertamina GOR UB.

Three UB participants who entered the semifinals round of Tarung Drajat on behalf of Dyan  EkaAgustin will face Yusrolana Yudistira (UNAIR) for the female class 45 kg and under.

Second, for the female weight category 55.1 kg and above, Siti Nur Faidah faced Adinda Audina Zahroh (UNMUH Gresik).

Third, in the 67.1 kg Male category on behalf of Rachmar Ferdinand will face Dionysus Daniel Rojo (UNTAG Surabaya).

In the semifinal round, 18 out of 25 universities will compete for the champion of the East Java POMAPROV Tarung Drajat Sport Branch.

East Java Regional Board, Sobari said that POMAPROV competition as an effort to attract excellent athletes and regenerate new growth and development. (OKY/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).