UB Establishes Collaboration with 4 Universities in Thailand

Brawijaya University (UB) collaborates with four universities in Thailand, namely the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University, Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University, Rajmangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon, Ramkhamhaeng University.

This collaboration is focused in the areas of exchange and cooperation in the academic field, exchange of cultural activities, student exchange, student services and research and field practice, as well as other activities in the academic field that are mutually beneficial.

From UB, the signing of the collaboration was represented by Dr. Wahyu Tri Nugroho, SP., MSi. as UB Secretary. He hopes that this cooperation will be followed up concretely.

“We hope that after signing this collaboration, it will be followed up with activities that are structured and facilitated by the Education and Cultural Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Ir. “Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., Ph.D,” said Tri Wahyu.

The signing of this collaboration was witnessed by the Vice Rector’s Expert Staff for Student Affairs, Alumni and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Agung Pramana Warih Marhendra, M.Si and Secretary of the Directorate of Administration and Academic Services Prawoto Widodo, S.Sos, MAB

During a mission visit to Thailand, Universitas Brawijaya Reyog team was received by the Indonesian Ambassador to Thailand, Rachmad Budiman and staff at the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok (15/9/2023).

UB team was welcomed by representatives of Thai students from five campuses there.

On this occasion, UB Reyog team played the Jathil dance

The Jathil (Jathilan) dance depicts how horsemen act as warrior figures in Reyog Ponorogo art.

Jathilan is a dance that depicts the agility of horsemen in training for war.

This jathilan dance is performed by dancers in pairs or groups, honing each other’s dexterity and expertise in horse riding. Jathilan is expressed through dance movements with great enthusiasm. The characteristics of Jathilan dance tend to be smooth, agile and deft movements. This is visualized in dynamic movement patterns that alternate. (HP/TWB/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)