UB Inaugurates Two Professors

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) inaugurated two professors in Samantha Krida Building, Wednesday (20/7/2022). First, Dr. Ir Abdul Wahib Muhaimin, MS who was inaugurated as a professor in the field of Agribusiness Management Science. He is the 30th professor from the Faculty of Agriculture and the 168th active professor at UB. Second, Dr. Rudianto, MA who was inaugurated as a professor in the field of Coastal and Ocean Resource Management. He is the 14th active professor at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences and the 169th active professor at UB.


Millennial Generation’s Health according to Consumption Desires

Prof. Dr. Ir Abdul Wahib Muhaimin, MS delivered a scientific oration

Prof. Dr. Ir Abdul Wahib Muhaimin, MS raised the title of the scientific oration Quality of Desire and Healthy Food Choice in the Relation to the Satisfaction and Health of Millennial Food Consumers. In his speech he conveyed that the rapid growth of fast food in the community and followed by the dominance of the millennial generation who have the characteristics of overeating and out of control, has caused a negative impact, namely the increasing number of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes on them. This invites his concern to focus on developing future ideas about the concept of Healthy Food Choice for Millennial Generation.

He conveyed that consumer behavior towards millennial food is not only based on consumer characteristics and the environment, but also consumer psychology and decision-making processes based on awareness of wants and needs, previous satisfactions that have been made and have adjusted to the age and health factors of these consumers. Therefore, in today’s era food product marketers provide a variety of choices and adjust to consumer needs.

The books written by Prof. Wahib include Consumer Behavior: Theory. Research and Applications; Agricultural Development; Introduction to Agribusiness Management; Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management.


Coastal Ecosystem Restoration Prevents Natural Damage

Prof. Dr. Rudianto, MA delivered a scientific oration

Prof. Dr. Rudianto, MA will deliver a scientific oration with the title Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Model for Coastal Villages to Overcome Coastal Damage Due to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Processes. The Coastal Village Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Model (REMDP) is the answer to efforts to prevent climate change and coastal damage caused by anthropogenic processes. Some of them, namely increased burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heating, transportation, deforestation and decreased biodiversity have led to an increase in greenhouse gases.

The UN’s commitment to encourage every country to carry out coastal restoration must be a reference for repairing coastal damage, including preventing the sinking of coastal areas in the future. The REMDP model is an integrated method and technique of mangrove forest ecosystem restoration and must be carried out by prioritizing technical aspects, institutional aspects and coastal village-based financing aspects with a co-management approach. From these three aspects, it is necessary to encourage community participation as a pillar of the success of coastal ecosystem restoration. The government needs to have a clear, comprehensive and measurable concept to deal with coastal damage based on coastal villages. By using the REMDP model, it is hoped that it will respond to efforts to prevent disasters in coastal areas, especially since many coastal areas are sinking.

The REMDP model uses a co-management model based on participatory, collaborative or community-based management. This model involves elements of society, government and the private sector. The community utilizes, maintains, protects, and participates in the restoration of mangrove forests. The government that holds the mandate under the order of the law to manage coastal resources such as mangrove forests. Meanwhile, the private sector contributes to preserving mangrove forests through restoration financing. Institutional model for coastal ecosystem restoration based on co-management.

The books written by Prof. Rudianto, Sand Ecosystem Restoration, Coastal Exploitation and Law of Marine Fisheries Regulations, Coastal AMDAL, Marine Science Research Methodology, Integrated Management of Coastal and Marine Areas.[sitirahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]