UB Pursues Target of 63 International Accredited Study Programs

AQAS Accreditation Visit at the Faculty of Culture Studies some time ago

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is pursuing the target of international accreditation this year. At least before the Rector’s term of office ends, the target of 63 internationally accredited study programs must be completed.

“This target cannot be separated from UB’s long-term plan to become a world-class university, where one of the indicators is academic reputation. So, the study program should be recognized and international standardized,” said the Rector.

The Rector said that UB is one of the universities that the Ministry of Education and Culture hopes can accelerate the realization of World Class University, since UB is considered quite aggressive and progressive at a relatively young age compared to other PTNBH.

“Previously, study programs that have been internationally accredited at UB have reached 41 study programs. Usually, 10 study programs are added every year, but this year we are targeting 63 study programs. This is really extraordinary, and we are grateful that all the deans are enthusiastic about working together to accelerate UB to achieve WCU status,” he explained.

Various benefits are obtained from the international accreditation, which are UB will be increasingly known in the international arena so that it will attract more foreign students to study at UB.

In addition, it is hoped that the achievement of International Accreditation can have an effect on world rankings.

“Currently there are several study programs that are ranked by subject, such as agriculture, economics, and medicine. InsyaAllah, with this international accreditation, it will add to the subject that is included in the ranking, or increase the previous ranking,” said the Rector.

In line with Prof. Nuhfil, Head of Quality Assurance Institute (LPM), Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., M.H., added that the achievement of UB’s international accreditation can improve reputation in the eyes of international community in addition to meeting the IKU 8 target of The Ministry of Education, Culture Research and Technology (Kemendukburistek).

“Students can transfer credit for lectures since credits are equivalent to ‘ects’ in Europe. In addition, the acquisition of international accreditation status will be submitted for conversion to Excellent rank of BAN-PT,” said the FH lecturer.

There are many International Accreditation and Certification institutions that have been used by UB, including ABEST 21, ASIIN, IABEE, IFT, ACCA and AUNQA.

Currently, AQAS is conducting international accreditation visits to a number of faculties, FIB, FH, and FPIK.

Agentur zur Qualitätssicherung an Hochschulen mit Sitz in Köln or AQAS is an international rating agency based in Germany.

AQAS conducts accreditation visits to study programs at the Faculty of Culture Studies (FIB), which are divided into three clusters.

The first cluster that has been visited on Monday to Friday (21/3-25/3/202022) is Japanese Literature

Chinese Literature, Japanese Language Education, Indonesian Language and Literature Education.

Meanwhile, for the second cluster, a visit will be conducted in May for English Literature, French Language and Literature Study Programs, English Language Education, and Masters in Linguistics.

For Cluster 3, namely Fine Arts Study Program and Anthropology Study Program, it will be held in July 2022.

(Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).