UB Establishes Cooperation with Bahaso

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) and PT. Bahaso Intermedia Cakrawala on Wednesday (13/7/2022) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and symbolically handed over the Bahaso Application and English Language Training Scholarship to the Faculty of Cultural Studies, University of Brwaijaya.

The signing ceremony itself was held in the Banquet Room, 6th Floor, UB Rectorate Building, attended by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation, and UB Internationalization, Prof. Dr. Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, MS., Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies, Hamamah, S.Pd., M.Pd., Ph.D., Director of the Directorate of Cooperation and Internationalization Karuniawan Puji Wicaksono, SP., MP., Ph.D as well as representatives from PT Bahaso including Mr. Dr. Iqbal Alan Abdullah, MSc.CMMC (Chairman of the TC Invest Cooperative Management who is also the Owner of Royalindo Group) and Bahaso CEO Dr. (Can) Princess Allana Abdullah with her staff.

In his speech, Prof. Sasmito Djati explained that UB, which has now become an autonomous university, certainly makes UB to continue to think far ahead, invest in long-term education, so collaboration and cooperation with all parties are needed for mutual progress.

“VR 4’s duties include collaboration, making many friends, the more friends the more fortune, so we feel that when we are friends with the Royalindo Group, InsyaAllah, we will get a lot of fortune,” said Sasmito

At the end of his speech, Prof. Sasmito also hopes that the signing of MoU is not just a ceremonial one, but has real implications and impacts for both parties.

In line with Prof. Sasmito, Dr. Iqbal Alan Abdullah, who is also an alumni of UB, in his speech also expressed his enthusiasm and pride for this collaboration.

“Currently, the collaboration between UB and Bahaso has become very special and strategic, meaning that in this first stage of course we want to see how far the interest of both teachers and students to learn languages ​​is,” said Iqbal.

“We don’t only sell programs or courses, but we can also help find scholarships for UB students, not only for FCS but also for other faculties. And I think this is very strategic because in today’s era language, especially foreign language skills, is very necessary,” he added.

“Therefore, let’s both give this opportunity to our children, our younger siblings, our families who are in UB for them to try and learn more, especially about language, and hopefully this collaboration can produce good benefits for both parties,” he concluded.


(humasub/ronny/ Trans. Iir)