UB Becomes Destination of South Lampung High School’s Visit

Photo of Kalianda High School, South Lampung Visit

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) became the destination for a study visit for class 11 students of SMAN 2 Kalianda, South Lampung, Thursday (16/6/2024).

This visit began with a campus introduction activity with UB Public Relations Team and a question and answer session with student representing the Student Executive Universitas Brawijaya located in Widyaloka Building.

One of the teachers, Laili Fatia, who accompanied this visit, when asked about the students’ enthusiasm, revealed that the students were very enthusiastic and hoped to continue their education at the tertiary level at Universitas Brawijaya.

Moreover, the friendly and warm service and welcome from the university makes the teachers of SMAN 2 Kalianda feel honored so that Universitas Brawijaya can be known as a useful place to visit for all high schools in Indonesia.

“Of course they are very enthusiastic because it is their first time and usually they go to the private university, and their enthusiasm is very high and they really hope to be able to come here, in the end they are happy, I am also very happy because Brawijaya welcomed them in a friendly and warm way, that is very extraordinary and I am very grateful,” concluded Laili Fatia as Sociology Teacher at SMAN 2 Kalianda.

Universitas Brawijaya was chosen as one of the campuses used for visiting purposes because it is a well-known state university not only in East Java but also throughout Indonesia.

In addition, Universitas Brawijaya is one of the Top 10 State University in Indonesia, which is a good plus score.

“It is state university, well-known, rank in the top 10 best, so that’s one of the reasons why I invite them to open their horizons, this is the best campus in Indonesia,” added Laili Fatia.

The visit, which is an annual program of SMAN 2 Kalianda, aims to provide new insights for grade 11 high school students who will decide in the next year which direction they want to continue their education

A fairly long journey from Lampung to Malang definitely requires sufficient preparation such as accommodation, lodging, and so on.

One of the students of SMAN 2 Kalianda expressed his satisfaction when he stepped on the land of Brawijaya.

“Proud, quite happy, all the way from Lampung, quite a long journey, finally paid off, very satisfied when visiting here,” said Dimas, one of the students at SMAN 2 Kalianda.

Several students at SMAN 2 Kalianda also expressed their desire to continue their education at Universitas Brawijaya in departments at the Faculty of Engineering (FE), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FSPS), and others.

They have certainly prepared this plan by studying seriously and praying so that this goal can be achieved.

“Starting to study to be able to enter the dream university,” said Amel as one of the students at SMAN 2 Kalianda at the end of the interview session. (ZAKI/Oky/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).