UB Holds Fundraising for Palestine

Brawijaya University (UB) held a fundraising for Palestine at the Senate Hall, Wednesday (21/2/2024).

Head of UB Palestine Solidarity Program (UB PSP) Team, Prof. Dr. Setyo Widagdo, SH., M.Hum said that the fundraising was provided by UB through the social institutions LAZIZSMU and Mer-C for humanitarian purposes.

“I need to report here that UB PSP team has four divisions, one of which is fundraising whose activities will be concreted today. The fundraising effort began during a book review at Samantha Krida some time ago by bringing in singer Opick, who at that time received funds of around IDR 200 million. Then get funds from the TGP deductions from lecturers who are willing. Alhamdulillah, we got around IDR 300 million. Hence, the total is approximately IDR 591 million,” he said.

He said, the Legal Advocacy Division has helped UB Faculty of Engineering students who have visas or their stay periods have expired by assisting them in making arrangements with the immigration office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that their permits can be extended.

“The Palestinian students who are being assisted will have their residence permits expire in November but have not been able to go to their country to extend it because of the situation or conditions are not yet possible,” he said.

Prof. Setyo said the Division would also seek sponsorship from entrepreneurs in Malang to provide assistance in the form of health equipment.

Meanwhile, UB Rector, Prof. Widodo thanked the team who had worked hard to help Palestine.

“We know that what we are giving is only a small part of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, but yes, this is our support for justice, humanity, for upholding human rights, something like that. we are concerned there and InsyaAllah, hopefully the team will continue to work, we hope that there will be fundraising and other activities in the future and it doesn’t stop here for that we ask for your prayers too. Ladies and gentlemen, we hope that we and the entire Brawijaya University family can make a contribution, be given health, abundance of fortunes and also the freedom of heart to be able to socialize and side with truth, justice, and the upholding of human values. InsyaAllah, it is also part of our solidarity and our charity and concern for our religion,” he said. (ron/oky/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).