FIKES Conducts Community Service for the Improvement of Family Psycho-Social After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo Education on deep breathing relaxation and brain gym for housewives as an effort to reduce stress levels after the COVID-19 pandemic

The Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIKES UB) carried out empowerment activities for housewives in dealing with post-pandemic psycho-social health at Dempok Tourism Park.

The activity, which was held together with PKK in RT 1 RW 3, Bandungrejosari Village, Sukun, Malang, was conceptualized with counseling involving basic psycho-social material.

Meanwhile, training includes basic stress management, forming a self-help group, and creating a support plan for the family at home.

The social restriction policies that have been implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic not only affect economic dynamics and physical health, but also have a major impact on people’s mental and social health. In this situation, families feel pressure and stress that was previously unimaginable. The role of the housewife as a pillar in maintaining family balance is becoming increasingly important.

The housewife not only plays the role of a strong caregiver and protector of the family, but also plays a role in maintaining the psycho-social balance of the family. All of this has a negative impact on the family’s overall mental and social health.

Photo of Brawijaya University community service team at Dempok Reservoir, Sengguruh

“Therefore, in pandemic conditions like this, they need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal with stress and challenges effectively, so that the family’s mental and social health is maintained,” said one of the team representatives from FIKES, Elvira Sari Dewi.

It is hoped that the results of this empowerment activity will produce significant achievements, including publications in accredited scientific journals, presentations at national seminars, as well as publications via social media and university platforms. The integration of results in the nursing curriculum will be an important bridge to bridge theory with practice.

“Through this effort, it is hoped that housewives will become more resilient in overcoming post-pandemic challenges. “With the knowledge and skills acquired, it is hoped that families will be able to maintain their psycho-social health better, creating a supportive environment for the growth and welfare of all family members,” she said. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]