UB Holds Training on Financial Recording Application for Household and MSME

The Service Team of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University in collaboration with Permanu Village Government, Pakisaji District, Malang Regency, held financial recording training for households and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to provide the knowledge and skills needed by the community, so that the community has an understanding of the importance of finance recording on Tuesday (30/11/2023).

From the left side; Dr. Ika Ruhana, S.Sos, M.SI, Dr. Anni Rahimah, S.AB, M.AB, Ph.D, Chair of PKK Permanu Village, Dr. Nur Imamah, S.AB., M.AB, Ph.D, and Reika Happy Sugiastuti, S.AB., M.AB

This activity was initiated by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) service team consisting of Dr. Nur Imamah, S.AB., M.AB, Ph.D as chairman with members, Dr. Ika Ruhana, S.Sos, M.SI, Dr. Anni Rahimah, S.AB, M.AB, Ph.D, and Reika Happy Sugiastuti, S.AB., M.AB, as well as two students, Diana Puspita Sari and Naufal Farras Alfattahau.

“In an effort to build economic independence through community service activities, it is necessary to provide training regarding financial recording for families and MSMEs, which we hope will educate them on the importance of recording every financial transaction regularly using digital application media,” said Nur Imamah.

According to Reika, one of the community service team members, the majority of households and MSMEs in Permanu Village face a common problem, namely a lack of understanding and literacy regarding financial management. The lack of education and understanding of households and MSMEs has an impact on their less than optimal financial performance.

“MSMEs and housewives have the assumption that as long as there is money, the household or business they run will be considered successful. “Even though in reality, budgeting is often done only with estimates,” she said.

This activity is carried out by providing material that includes the basics of financial recording, making simple financial records, as well as the application of technology to make financial recording easier. In addition to providing this material, FIA UB service team also implemented financial recording using digital applications available directly on the Play Store.

“With this service activity, our hope is that in the next stage of the plan, through the material we provide regarding financial recording applications and the practice of using these applications, it can be implemented in people’s daily lives, so that by implementing this activity, the economic activities of MSMEs and households in Permanu Village can increase sustainably,” said Anni Rahimah. (*OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).