UB Held Public Service Competition


Universitas Brawijaya (UB) holds a Public Service Innovation Competition or UB Public Service Awards (UBPSA) or Universitas Brawijaya Public Service Award.

UBPSA seeks to encourage service units in UB to create competitive public service innovations. This activity is expected to have an impact on the performance and quality of public services of service units in UB.

“UBPSA is also expected to play a role in producing public service innovations that contribute to solving service problems in Indonesia, and support UB’s vision as a pioneer and reformer campus,” said the Bureaucratic Reform Team for Public Service Area Managers, namely Wawan Sobari, S.IP., MA. ., Ph.D

UBPSA 2022 is the first time and is the first year’s initiative that will continue to be held in the coming years as an effort to encourage bureaucratic reform in UB.

Innovation Criteria that are included in UBPSA must meet all of the following criteria:


  1. Having novelty, namely introducing unique ideas, new approaches to problem solving, or unique policies and implementation designs, or modifications of existing public service innovations, for the delivery of public services;
  2. Effective, namely showing real achievements and providing solutions in solving problems;
  3. Useful, namely solving problems that are of public interest and concern;
  4. Can be transferred/replicated, which can be and/or have been imitated and/or become a reference and/or applied by other public service providers in UB or other parties;
  5. Sustainable, which is guaranteed to be maintained as shown in the form of program and budget support, organizational tasks and functions, as well as laws and regulations.

The following is the timeline of UBPSA activities: Socialization and Publication (2 November 2022); Submission of Proposals (3 November – 15 November 2022); Administration Selection and Assessment of Innovation Documents (17-27 November 2022); Announcement of Finalists that Pass Admin Selection, Presentation, and Interview Stage (28 November 2022); Presentations and Interviews from Faculties/Non Units (1-2 December 2022); Field Verification and Observation (5-9 December 2022); Determination of UBPSA’s Top Innovations (12 December 2022); and UBPSA Awarding (14 December 2022). [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]