UB Held BONSAI Discussing the Center of Excellence

Universitas Brawijaya held a Casual Talk (BONSAI) with experts, Monday (16/7/2022) in UB Gazebo. The theme raised is Center of Excellence (CoE) Universitas Brawijaya.

CoE is a vision raised by the Rector, Prof. Widodo, S.Si.,M.Si.,Ph.D.,Med.Sc when he was a candidate for chancellor.

In his presentation, Prof. Widodo said CoE is like a study center that produces various innovations and research needed by the Business and Industrial World or DUDI. In UB itself, the CoE target is that each faculty has one center of excellence.

“An example of CoE is that some time ago we collaborated with PT INKA on the research and development of Hybrid-Based Light Trains and Smart Trains. With similar collaboration models, lecturers can conduct research to realize trains according to the desired characteristics, including being able to involve their students,” he said.

The former Dean of FMIPA added that with CoE students can develop their soft skills. They can use innovation and conduct research according to the needs of the industry.

Moreover, according to the Vice Rector III for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim, M.Si in the entrepreneurship program, students are required to be able to independently meet the needs of the community.

“The Student Entrepreneurial Program or PMW received a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) of Rp 6 billion. Of the funds, 60 percent is given to UB, the remaining 40 percent is for other universities,” he said.

The purpose of developing the CoE program in the independent campus is to participate in helping to provide maximum service in the process of implementing the Independent Campus policy with the academic policy design scheme and its implementation in teaching and learning activities, helping to increase scientific insight about education that will be held by each study program in one university, as well as helping universities to improve the quality of education and student competition.

The implementation of the Study Program assistance program activities to become CoE Independent Learning – Independent Campus consists of 2 (two) schemes, namely the first includes the design, planning, and implementation of the MBKM program at the university, faculty and study program level, which consists of policy formulation at the university level. tertiary institutions related to the implementation of the Independent Learning– Independent Campus program in the form of Regulations, Decrees, and others; preparation of guidelines that serve as a reference for the implementation of the Independent Learning– Independent Campus program at the study program level; curriculum changes that include planning, learning processes, learning evaluation, and quality assurance;

Scheme II covers practices, including student exchange; internship/work practice; teaching at schools, research/ study; Humanitarian projects; entrepreneurial activity; Independent study; and build a Thematic Real Work Village/Lecture. (Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]