UB Explores Information to ITB Regarding Endowment Fund Management

On Sunday (9/6) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Endowment Fund Preparation Management Team held a meeting at UB Guest House. This activity was carried out as a serious effort by UB to form a manager for UB’s endowment funds.

Present at this activity included the Deputy Chancellor (WR II) for Finance and Resources, Prof. Dr. Muchamad Ali Safaat, SH., MH, Head of UB Endowment Fund Management Team Achmad Wicaksono Ph. D, along with other team members. Present as a speaker was the Chairman of the Sustainable Business and Fund Management Agency (BPUDL) of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Deddy Priatmodjo Koesridartoto, Ph.D.

On that occasion, Dedy conveyed many things related to his experience so far as chairman of BPUDL ITB. BPUDL ITB was founded in 2015, although the management of the Endowment Fund began in 2004. Currently, BPUDL ITB has been able to become an important part of ITB, especially in assisting funding at ITB. Since its formation, BPUDL has been directed not to burden ITB’s finances, but instead is required to produce new sources of funds that can help improve ITB’s quality.

“Since it was formed and founded in 2014, BPUDL has been prohibited from using funds from ITB. We are actually required to move and generate new sources of funds for ITB. The first step taken by BPUDL was to clarify the structure and rules of BPUDL. It cannot be denied that BPUDL activities are trust-based activities, so everything must be obvious and clear to attract trust from outside,” explained Deddy.

‚ÄúThere needs to be patience and serious steps from all parties. Everything cannot be obtained quickly, everything takes time and process. It’s taken us about 20 years to be like this. The role of ITB alumni is very big in the development of BPUDL ITB as it is today,” continued Dedy.

As it is known, currently UB has a team that will prepare various needs for the formation of UB Endowment Fund Management Team. UB Endowment Fund is funds accumulated in the form of an endowment fund whose management proceeds are used to support the development of UB into a world-class university. The allocation of this endowment fund is for the development of the tri dharma of higher education, including scholarships, research, and service as well as institutional development. [pon/UB PR/ trans. Iir]