UB Places the 4th Rank of Disability-Friendly University Category

UB deserves to be called as disabled-friendly university. Since 2012 UB has accepted students from the disability pathway and continues to try to complete facilities and infrastructure so that people with disabilities are safe and comfortable. Currently, UB has around 111 students with active disabilities and they receive services under the Disability Service Center (PLD). As a result, in 2020, UB received a Zero Award from an institution under the United Nations.

This time, UB received an award from UNESA-Dimetric (Disability Inclusion Metrics), which is ranked 4th in the world category: disability-friendly university. The ranking was officially announced by UNESA in a hybrid manner at the Rectorate Building, Lidah Wetan Campus, Surabaya on Thursday, December 8 2022.

UNESA-Dimetric is a ranking of disability-friendly campuses followed by 125 world universities. The goal is to create a friendly educational environment for persons with disabilities. In addition, it is also to seek the creation of program innovations and the exchange of ideas in support of education that is sustainable, equality, accountable and responsible.

According to Prof. Dr. Nadi Suprapto, Ph.D., Chair of UNESA Clustering and Ranking Unit, this program is the first step in creating a disability-friendly campus. “This Dimetric is a real action of UNESA’s commitment to jointly realize accessibility and quality of services for those with disabilities,” he said.

He added, there were 125 tertiary institutions in the world that were participants in UNESA-Dimetric 2022. They went through the registration stage from 15 August to 2 November 2022. They will then enter the assessment stage on November 7, 2022.

“There are 10 indicators used in the assessment including leadership, strategic planning, special inclusion policies, institutions, cooperation with disability organizations, facilities, proper accommodation, students-employees, education and research-community service,” explained the head of UNESA-Dimetric. The results of the assessment in a row are:

  1. Open University, UK with a score of 90.94.
  2. University of Alicante, Spain with a score of 90.28.
  3. UNESA, Surabaya with a score of 89.56.
  4. Universitas Brawijaya, Malang with a score of 82.89.
  5. The University of Sydney, Australia with a score of 81.00.
  6. University of Tsukuba, Japan with a score of 79.00.
  7. University of Jember, Jember, with a score of 73.61.
  8. Multimedia Nusantara University with a score of 71.94.
  9. Semarang State University with a score of 70.61.
  10. Nahdlatul Ulama University, Surabaya with a score of 55.44.
  11. Selcuk University, Turkey with a score of 29.78.
  12. University of Yangon, Myanmar.
  13. UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin, Jambi with a score of 28.78.
  14. The University of Faisalabad, Pakistan, score 27.94.
  15. UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta, with a score of 26.06.
  16. Persian Gulf University, Iran with a score of 24.44.
  17. Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan, score 24.00.
  18. Manado State University, score 21.56.
  19. Tamansiswa Undergraduate University, Yogyakarta.
  20. University of 17 August 1945, Surabaya with a score of 17.67.
  21. University of Surabaya, score 16.28, and
  22. Gorontalo State University with a score of 14.33.

UB Rector Prof. Widodo, SSi.,MSi.,PhD.,Med.Sc expressed his appreciation for the success of UB in ranking 4th in the world as a disability-friendly campus according to UNESA-Dometric ranking. “UB is committed to continuing to create a friendly campus environment for persons with disabilities,” he said. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]