UB and Youngsan University Initiate Collaboration

On Wednesday (31/5) Vice Rector IV (WR IV) for Planning, Cooperation and Internationalization Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received a visit. The visiting guests came from Youngsan University, South Korea. The guest was received by WR IV Andi Kurniawan SPi, M Eng, D Sc. Accompanied by the Director of the Directorate of Cooperation and Internationalization Dr. Agung at the International Office, 2nd floor of the shared service building.

Present representatives from Youngsan University included Prof. Pyeon Joy and Hoeyong Shin. In his remarks WR IV welcomed the Youngsan University group.

Andi said that currently UB is very concerned about establishing cooperation with various universities abroad, one of which is in South Korea. There are lots of UB students who want to continue their studies in South Korea.

UB tries to provide the best possible facilities, information and cooperation with various universities in South Korea, one of which is Youngsan University. The hope is that UB students can have many choices and make it easier to make choices in an effort to continue their studies.

“We are very serious about providing maximum service to all UB students. Based on the data obtained, many UB students are enthusiastic to continue their studies in South Korea. Hopefully this meeting can provide a good cooperative relationship between UB and Youngsan University in the future,” said Andik to representatives of Youngsan University. [PON/humas UB/ Trans. Iir]