CYUT-Universitas Brawijaya Forge Academic Collaboration

In a significant development, Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) and Universitas Brawijaya convened on February 27, 2024, at the esteemed Gedung Sayap Barat Perpustakaan 3rd Floor – Universitas Brawijaya. The meeting aimed to strengthen academic ties between the two institutions.

Key representatives including Dr. Sung-Chi HSU, Vice President of CYUT, and Dr. Didik Hartono, M.Pd., from Universitas Brawijaya, led the discussions. “We are excited about the potential collaborations that could emerge from this partnership,” said Dr. Didik.

Dr. Li-Wei LIU from CYUT outlined potential collaborations ranging from student and faculty exchanges to joint research endeavors. Universitas Brawijaya showcased incentives for inbound students, including living allowances and accommodation waivers.

Discussions explored various academic programs such as language immersion, joint lectures, and industry collaborations. Dr. Yuyun Riani introduced an enticing summer camp program for Taiwanese students, offering a cultural immersion experience in Malang.

The meeting highlighted CYUT’s diverse colleges and Taiwan’s appeal as a study destination, supported by scholarships like the ELITE scholarship for Ph.D. programs. TETO representative, Grace OU, also discussed scholarship opportunities for further collaboration.

The gathering concluded with optimism for a fruitful academic partnership, poised to enhance the academic landscape and promote cross-cultural understanding between CYUT and Universitas Brawijaya.