UB Assists Fostered Tenants to Participate in Indonesian Fund Festival 2021

A Hasyim from PT Pedis Care While Business Matching

UB Entrepreneurial Incubator and Innovation Agency (BIIW UB) assists two fostered Tenants to participate in Indonesia Fund Festival in Jakarta. This festival is held for four days, Sunday – Wednesday (12-15/12/2021), by LPDB-KUMKM (Revolving Fund Management Agency for Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises).

The tenants who were accompanied were PT Arjuna Citra Indonesia (ACI) which is engaged in the vegetable and fruit snack industry located in Batu, and PT. Pediscare produces health sandals for people with Diabetes Mellitus located in Malang. Two tenants made presentations at this meeting which facilitating the meeting of domestic and foreign investors with participants.

BIIW Director, Setyono Yudo Tyasmoro said these two tenants were chosen from 23 tenants incubated by BIIW UB and LPDB-KUMKM. The first stage, the selection process selects 10 selected tenants which are included in the booth camp. The next stage is the selection of 5 selected tenants. Then there is a mentoring process from the accelerator, Orbit Future Academy.

Yudo said that business matching will be carried out in a hybrid method by bringing together domestic and foreign investors. In the presentation, each tenant conveyed that their respective business growth could be seen from technology, market response to products. The presentation was carried out for three minutes.

From the results of the presentation, PT ACI received offers from three domestic investors. Meanwhile, PT Pediscare received offers from domestic and foreign investors.

He hopes that the tenants fostered by BIIW UB can get investors who can spur their business development. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]