UB Departs Delegation to Thailand to Conduct International Service


Photo of M Nizzam from Biology FMIPA Working on a Yogurt Making Project at Santichon Islamic School

Brawijaya University (UB) departs 18 students whom members of Brawijaya Academic Ambassador Program (BAAP) to conduct international scale community service activity by teaching higher school in Santichon Islamic School and Thammisslam Foundation school Thailand for a week (13/11-20/11/2023).

BAAP Coordinator, Fitri Hariana Oktaviani, SS, SE, MCommun, PhD said the two schools were chosen because they were implications of a pilot project between the Vice Rector I and the Thai Cultural Education Attaché.

“This program is a collaboration between the Vice Rector 1 and Thai Cultural Education Attaché, and we are connected with schools that already have good relations with Thai Cultural Education Attaché. In the future, it is hoped that this collaboration will be expanded to other schools in Thailand and evento other countries,” said Fitri.

Fitri added, through this program students can apply knowledge and skills in the form of international community service, increasing student capacity in an intercultural environment and global competition.

“In the BAAP program students will be taught subjects according to requirements, they will be introduced to Indonesian culture, introduced to UB, and their field of study,” he said.

The activity began on Monday (13/11/2023), with a welcoming event, student orientation, introductions to teachers and school staff, as well as coordination of schedules and teaching materials. The President of Santichon Islamic School, Prasert Mussairi, in his speech hoped that students and teachers at Santichon could work together to improve their English language skills.

Photo of Nazira from the Islamic Economics Study Program, FE Teaching the History of Islamic Economics in English at Thammisslam Foundation school

School administrators in Santichon and Thammislam also hope to expand collaboration with Brawijaya University, including providing scholarships for Matayyom (secondary school) graduates.

One of the aid recipients, Mutiara Ramadhani from FIA, expressed her gratitude for being able to participate in this program.

“We learned to be flexible in adapting to new cultural environments,” he said.

Brawijaya Academic Ambassadors Program (BAAP) is a type of SIAP (Short Term International Academic Program) program from Global Academic Engagement (GAE) Universitas Brawijaya to send 10 selected UB students to one week teaching program at selected high schools in Thailand.

This program is a collaboration between the Thai Education and Culture Attache Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., Ph.D and the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at Brawijaya University Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, MP.

One of the main requirements for taking BAAP is for UB undergraduate students, preferably in the final semester (or no lectures), to teach the following subjects Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and English.

“BAAP can be converted into 2 credits of Global Perspective Course (University),” he said.

Meanwhile, the 18 students who went to Thailand consisted of 10 UB funding students and 8 FMIPA funding students. (OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).