UB Achieves the 8th Position in Indonesia

Prof. Nuhfil Hanani, A.R., M.S.

Prof. Nuhfil Hanani, A.R., M.S.Prof. Nuhfil Hanani, A.R., M.S.Universitas Brawijaya (UB) achieves the 8th position of the cluster 1 universities in Indonesia. This rating has increased compared to last year.

UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani, A.R., M.S., explained that according to the assessment indicators, which are input, process, output, and outcome, the position of UB in Cluster 1 Higher Education is the same as Hasanudin University with a total score of 3,161.

Nuhfil explained that in terms of input, UB was indeed inferior to Unhas. In contrast, in terms of process, output, and outcome, UB is in 5,6, and 8 position.

“UB has weakness in terms of input, such as the number of lecturers with doctoral education and the number of lecturers with the position of head lecturer. Therefore, I urge the lecturers who are not doctors to go learning immediately, whose positions are still below the Head Lector, they must immediately be managed, and the number of professors must be increased immediately, “said Nuhfil.

Nuhfil also said that the input indicator takes a long time, especially for lecturers who take learning programs more.

“We send our lecturers to learn at least three years away. But we will continue to strive so that UB position can increase, “he said.

For this achievement, Nuhfil expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of all parties, especially lecturers and education staff.

“This is a very proud achievement. Of the 5000 universities in Indonesia, 15 are in Cluster 1 and UB is in 8th position, “said Nuhfil.

Meanwhile, the increase of UB rank has a big impact, especially in terms of prestige or image in society.

Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Aulani’am, drh., D.E.S explained that UB current position shows its quality in educating students.

“Through the current ranking obtained by UB, then public can see that our university is qualified, especially in this case there is an independent student admission selection. So that UB will become a favorite place to study at University, “she said.

Nuhfil and Aul expect that the solidarity between the academic community can be maintained so that they can continue to raise UB rank both at the national and international levels. [OD / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].