UB Provides Deradicalization Education Since New Students

Vice Rector III of Student Affairs Accompanied by the Head of Public Relation Subdivision While Conducting Press Conference with Media

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) continues to commit in helping the government to overcome radicalism. One of them is to equip new students with education in Religion, Pancasila, and Citizenship.

This deradicalization is manifested in national insight education and is given when entering as a new student. This shows UB’s commitment to equip students to avoid the influence of organizations that are prohibited by the government.

Vice Rector III for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim, M.Si explained that UB’s briefing to new students was in the form of the State Defense Program.

Prof. Hakim said that the State Defense Program must be followed by all universities.

‚ÄúThere are nine main activities in the program. One of its activities is education or anti-radicalism movement. Since 2020 we have routinely carried out anti-radicalism activities or education. We also regularly invite BNPT to give lectures to new students,” he said.

In addition to the State Defense Program, UB also provides national insight, including the development of students’ personality.

UB’s commitment in providing deradicalization education is also a response to the arrest of a student with the initials IA by Densus 88, last Monday (23/5/2022).

Prof. Hakim explained that related to IA case, UB will submit it completely to the authorities. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]