The Pilot of FH UB Development Figure Passed Away

One of the development pilots of the establishment of Faculty of Law (FH) and the guardian of the development of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Prof. Dr. H. M. Kafrawi, S.H passed away on Wednesday (7/7/2021) at 20.30 due to illness.

The man who was born in Blitar on July 26, 86 years ago, left a wife, daughter and two grandchildren at Muhammadiyah Hospital in Malang.

In his last respect, the Chairperson of UB Senate, Prof. Dr. Ir. Arifin, MS, admits that Prof. Kafrawi is the person who guide the development of FH.

“The development of FH becomes the concern of the professor who was inaugurated in 1989. In addition, he is also a figure who has concern for the surrounding community. So, we who live in the same village with him feel we have lost an elder who has concern for the development of national quality,” he said.

Arifin hopes that Prof. Kafrawi’s departure will serve as a reminder for pioneers in entrusting UB, especially FH.

“The evidence of the trust that he conveyed was carried out well. May Allah accept the deeds of all his worship and forgive all sins and put him in the best place,” he said.

Prof. Kafrawi is a professor who has contributed greatly to the establishment of UB and FH, and has served as Dean of FH in 1972, became UB Vice Rector I in 1988-1996 and Rector Daily Executive from 1995 to 1996.

His teaching career started as a Community School teacher at the age of 22. Until now, his service as a teacher has been running for 60 years.

Although he has retired from his position as a professor, Prof. Kafrawi is still actively teaching in FH UB. He has received 36 awards from various government and private institutions. (OKY/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).