Tips from the Dean of FISIP UB to Protect Children from Sexual Violence

Sexual violence against children is still common. The Dean of FISIP UB, Dr. Sholih Muadi, emphasized that children are the assets of the next generation, so they must be well prepared, including avoiding sexual violence.

“These children are vulnerable to matters related to crime, sexual abuse. It is important that our children receive adequate protection,” said Dr Sholih, Monday (12/6/2021).

According to the lecturer of the Department of Political Science UB, the first thing to do is not taboo to give sexual education to children.

“Sometimes we consider it taboo about sexual education to children, even though this is important to do,” he explained.

Next is the phenomenon of the extraordinary development of social media. According to Dr Sholih, the existence of Facebook, Instagram and other social media makes children hold cellphones every day.

“For example during a pandemic like now, it is common for children to use cellphones for online schooling, but can we fully control the use of cellphones for positive purposes,” continued this man from Blitar.

According to Dr Sholih, sexual violence against children can occur with uncontrolled use of cellphones. Because sexual harassment can arise from simple things such as chatting via cellphones.

“This is certainly a challenge for parents in the future because things like this can develop in a more negative direction. At the family level, it is necessary to make a kind of guide to minimize the negative things,” he explained. (Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)