Increasing Protection, UB Clinic Starts Vaccinating the Health Workers and the Employees

Sinovac injection process

As an effort to intensify the promotion of the Covid-19 vaccine, Universitas Brawijaya Clinic started vaccination activities today. A total of 51 vials of Sinovac vaccine have been provided by UB Clinic to be injected to the health workers and employees on Monday and Tuesday (1-2 / 2/2021).

According to the Director of UB Clinic, dr. Fida Rahmayanti, MMRS., The application for the Covid-19 vaccine service has been carried out since mid-January. “Hospitals and Center of Public Health are prioritized in giving vaccines to health workers. However, for clinics, if they have met the necessary facilities and infrastructure, they can apply for a vaccine. The submission process takes about 2 weeks, and the vaccine is taken at the Malang City Health Office, “she said, who was also vaccinated today.

Before they are injected, health workers and employees will follow basic screening including saturation, breath rate, blood pressure and body temperature. Not only that, vaccine recipients must answer other questions including health conditions, history of comorbidities to observation to ensure a good physical condition. “If we rely on screening data only, we may miss something, so it must be accompanied by seeing the physical condition of the vaccine recipients,” added this FK UB alumni.

The preparations carried out by UB Clinic are providing a special room for vaccines, a special refrigerator, and a thermometer. “Before giving the vaccine, Dinoyo Health Center had provided assistance,” he explained.

Vaccinators at UB Clinic have also participated in mentoring training. “Before vaccinating other people, what is prioritized is health workers who are in the hospital, health center or health clinic, according to the direction of the Dinoyo Health Center. For the clinic itself, vaccines are given by doctors and nurses assisted by midwives for vaccine preparation, “she explained.

After vaccination for health workers and UB Clinic employees is completed, Fida expects to give vaccines to other health workers immediately such as private doctors, health analysts, pharmacists in the institution and have been registered in the system. “For colleagues whose registration certificate or practice permit has expired, can follow the vaccine after completing the file, until March 2021”, she said.

After receiving the vaccine, doctors and nurses will make final observations for up to 30 minutes after the injection is given. This observation is to see if there are side effects after immunization such as allergies, nausea, vomiting and others.

He also appreciates all parties who have participated in this vaccination movement. “Thank you to the health workers and UB Clinic employees because without their support, the implementation of vaccines will not be carried out well. Thank you also to all levels of leadership who have supported the needs of facilities and infrastructure that we need. We also appeal to all people to participate in the success of the vaccine program as an effort to fight Covid-19. After the vaccine is not necessarily free. You still have to wear a mask, keep your distance, avoid crowds because we know Covid-19 spreads through droplets. Vaccines protect me and protect you, “she concluded. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)