Improving Elementary and Junior High School Mathematics Teaching, UB MMD Group 160 Presents Geogebra

Education is one of the important foundations that build our country Indonesia. To be able to create the next generation that is superior and able to advance our homeland, it is fitting that students take part in developing a quality and quality education system. Mathematics lessons are one of the important keys in achieving this goal. In-depth conceptual understanding is an important indicator for students’ academic success and is also a crucial skill in an era of progress that is increasingly broad and complex.
In achieving this mission, Group 160 of the 2023 Brawijaya University Student Building Village (MMD) program supervised by Reika Happy Sugiastuti, S.AB., M.AB presents a new innovation, namely, the work program “Geogebra Training to support the teaching process of elementary and junior high school mathematics”. With this work program, teachers at the elementary and junior high school levels get support and assistance in providing a more interesting, effective and interactive mathematics learning system for students. Geogebra is software that offers a wide variety of teaching and learning features, ranging from Geometry, Function Graphs, Probability and others in a visual and flexible manner. The utilization of Geogebra technology is a big step towards increasing students’ interest and understanding of mathematics.
This training activity was held on Friday (07/21/2023) at the Sutojayan Islamic Elementary School (SDI), Sutojayan Village. This activity was carried out in the form of a workshop with participants who were teachers from SDI Sutojayan and Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) KH. Hasyim Asy’ari. The activity coordinator, Alexius Andrianno Alfa Renanta from the Faculty of FILKOM UB explained that the activity was divided into several sessions which included exposure to Geogebra tool material, direct implementation practice using Geogebra and interactive practice exams using Geogebra. This activity was welcomed positively by the Principal of SD Islam Sutojayan Kholiq, as the host of this training, “This training is very good, especially so that teachers can use this Geogebra program to teach students, it can even make it easier for teachers because Geogebra features are able to automate theories in mathematics lessons.”
The Practicum session of this training ran systematically and participants were able to follow easily the steps of using Geogebra. The teachers also showed their enthusiasm in asking questions about the use of Geogebra in the practicum session. The training module is summarized according to the curriculum of elementary and junior high schools in Sutojayan Village so that it can be implemented in their curriculum for further learning. “It is hoped that the presentation material presented can also be shared apart from the module, because I want to learn more after this seminar,” said Aziz as a teacher of SD Islam Sutojayan who was very enthusiastic in participating in the practicum session.
At the end of the series, a practicum exam was held to test the participants’ understanding of using Geogebra. Teachers who are able to answer quickly will get a prize, this is to encourage teachers to use their skills optimally from this training, and also to make the exam more interactive and fun for the participants.