Improving HR Quality, Bojonegoro Regency Government Visits UB

Audience Between UB Rector and Bojonegoro Regent

As an effort to improve the quality of human resources in the Bojonegoro Government environment, the Bojonegoro Regent paid a visit to Universitas Brawijaya. This visit was received directly by the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, in the Meeting Room of the Rectorate Building, UB.

According to the Regent of Bojonegoro, Dr. Hj. Anna Mu’awanah, M.H. One of these visits is to make UB a “foster father” of several educational assets within the Bojonegoro Regency Government. “Regarding the shortage of health workers in Bojonegoro, we are exploring one of the private campuses to establish a Faculty of Medicine. This year, we are also preparing a specialist oncology hospital, by making the most of existing assets,” she explained.

Besides health sector, this working visit also discussed economic aspects, regional planning, the economy. “Hopefully, from all these aspects it can encourage Bojonegoro Regency to be better,” explained Ana. She also mentioned that there are scholarship opportunities from Bojonegoro Regency that have not been fully absorbed.

“We have budgeted around 40 billion for scholarships, including single tuition fees, but unfortunately it has not been fully absorbed. Maybe it needs stronger encouragement from the campus. At least 50 percent of our young people will have a bachelor’s degree in 2026, “explained Anna.

Ir. Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D., IPU., ASEAN Eng when explaining RPL

Moreover, Bojonegoro Regency Government is also serious about improving the quality of human resources for its regional apparatus. The most important cooperation between UB and Bojonegoro Regency Government, according to Ir. Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D., IPU., ASEAN Eng as Expert Staff to the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, is the implementation of Village RPL. “Village RPL in UB, will accept village officials up to RT/RW level, and there are 5 master study programs. Of these 5 study programs, the lecture is planned to be held at the end of February,” he explained.

This morning’s visit was also attended by several faculty leaders, such as the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, as well as the Director of the Graduate School to discuss the possibility of cooperation between faculties and Bojonegoro Regency Government. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)