The SMONAGENES Research Team Visits BBPadi Subang

Field internal monitoring and evaluation Research Team of Prof. Fatchiyah, M.Kes., PhD and BBPadi Team by LPPM UB

The Research Team of the National Education-Priority Research Fund Management Institute (LPDP-PRN) PAJALE together with LPPM UB carried out internal monitoring and evaluation of the field visit to the Center for Rice Research (BPPadi) which is the research partner of the rice team 05, Friday (09/04 / 2021).

The UB research team which is chaired by Prof. Fatchiyah, M.Kes., PhD is present together with LPPM UB Team which is chaired by Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo, MSc.Agr, BBPadi Team chaired by Mr. Dr. Priatna Sasmita, with a team of Dr. Yudhistira, SP., MP, and Dr. Aris Hairmansis.

The field visit monitoring and evaluation activity was warmly welcomed by BBPadi team and also supported by LPPM UB team. Dr. Priatna Sasmita said the BBPadi Team openly supports and collaborates to improve the quality of rice in Indonesia, and there is great hope for BBPadi team to cultivate more diverse pigmented rice.

Photo with the research team of Prof. Fatchiyah, M.Kes., PhD, LPPM UB and the BBPadi Team Subang

The Head of LPPM UB said that this visit can be used as a forum for future friendship and cooperation to support the Research Team of Prof. Fatchiyah.

Monitoring activities are carried out with discussions, as well as laboratory reviews for the analysis of compounds contained in rice, inspection of seed storage rooms, and observation of seed planting in rice fields.

“The facilities owned by BBPadi are very qualified for the development of rice research, such as experimental gardens, greenhouses, proximate testing laboratories, plant biology testing laboratories, soil and plant nutrient testing laboratories, rice and grain quality testing laboratories, biological pest and disease testing laboratories, seed quality test, and Flavor laboratory. The facility is intended to improve quality and maintain sustainability, quantity and quality of rice germ plasma in Indonesia, “said Dr. Priatna Sasmita. [drts / as / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]