FMIPA Research Team Assisting PKK Kalisongo to Process Oranges into Marmalade

Photo of FMIPA Student Research Team (RITMA) Accompanying PKK Kalisongo Women to Make Processed Oranges into Marmalade

FMIPA Student Research Team (RITMA) consisting of Syalaysha Azzahra, Elifes Ziliwu, Kevina Alal, Miftachul Khoiroh and Adistia Dhefany used orange peel to make marmalade. Marmalade itself is a semi-solid food product made from fruit, sugar, citric acid and includes pieces of fruit or fruit skin.

This team makes a product called SoMar which is an abbreviation of Kalisongo Marmalade. Kalisongo itself is a village in Dau sub-district, Malang Regency which is a village assisted by RITMA’s RECOVERY program. It has been previously known that Kalisongo Village is a village that specializes in citrus farming. Waste from orange peels was also found for which there was no processing program.

Making SoMar is quite simple. Start by cutting the orange peel thinly and cutting the flesh of the Siamese orange and lemon. Then put it in boiling water. Next add sugar and stir. Wait for the stirring process until the desired thicken texture.

On Saturday (14/10/2023) socialization and practice of making SoMar was held. The agenda invited PKK women in Kalisongo Village. The hope is that SoMar will be able to provide additional income in the village.

Marmalade Team photo

Marmalade itself is a food product that is currently being discussed among young people. It is hoped that the training in making Marmalade at PKK Kalisongo Village can increase the economic level of the residents.

The RECOVERY program itself collaborates with Aksi Abdi (a community engaged in improving the economy of Mitra Village community based on the application of research results) which received funding from Desamind.

Desamind is a non-profit organization that operates as a partner of village communities in the educational and social fields to form an advanced, competitive and -literate civilization society. In addition, various parties also sponsored this activity, such as Pijar Foundation, Global x Future, Young Townhall, and LAN RI.

“The hope is that SoMar will be able to increase the selling value of orange fruit itself. So that it can help the economy of Kalisongo Village itself. “All parties involved have combined synergy to achieve the goal of a competitive village community,” said the Chair of Aksi Abdi, Devi Nurbaeti. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).