Psychology Team Introduces Emotional Understading to Kindergarten Students

The Psychology Team held community service activities for Permata Iman 2 Kindergarten students, Malang City, Wednesday (27/3/2024) with the theme “Understanding Emotions”.

One of the team representatives, Cleoputri Al Yusainy, S.Psi., M.Psi., Ph.D, revealed that the theme of understanding emotions was chosen so that her party could provide education about what emotions are, how emotions are expressed through the face, and emoji or emoticons.

Cleoputri believes that education about emotions should be taught from an early age. This University of Indonesia alumnus said that emotional education from an early age can be taught by distinguishing between types of emotions.

“Then children will then learn to know themselves better so that when children experience various kinds of problems they don’t immediately blame the environment,” said the woman who is familiarly called Cleo.

There are three series of community service activities carried out. First is the pre-test, then psycho-education and post-test.

“Later, there will be a stimulus and a facilitator who will ask the child, for example, which picture shows a sad expression. Then the child is asked to choose from the available options which emotion is suitable. “After that, the children are given psycho-education in the form of videos so that they can then give feedback on which expression are sad,” said Cleo.

This University of Nottingham alumnus continued that children will also be tested regarding external causes related to the emotions they feel.

“For example, a child is told through the video that his favorite turtle died, when his favorite turtle died, how did he feel and the emoji that match to that feeling,” explained Cleo.

According to Cleo, this community service activity is in line with the 2013 curriculum implemented by the school. One of the student competencies is knowledge or competence in the socio-emotional field.

“From the school itself, there are no specific program targets regarding the recognition of emotions as we have conveyed today,” she said.

This woman, who once served as the Chair of Psychology Department, hopes that her activities can complement the programs provided by the school so that when children enter elementary school, they are more familiar with their own emotional conditions.

“So, children don’t need a long time to adapt at the next stage of education,” she said.

In this activity, students from four classes of A level took part in the activity. Guided by facilitators from UB Psychology students, this activity received appreciation from the school. (*/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).