The Team of PPTTG UB Introduces Fumigation Technology to the Fisher in Sendang Biru

Moreno Soeprapto (Brown Shirt)

The PPTTG (Appropriate Technology Application Program) team of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) provides guidance for the fisher community of Sendang Biru in the form of alternative jobs that can be done if the fisher cannot go to sea.

The briefing was carried out in the form of a workshop on the introduction of fish smoking technology .

“Smoke machine with modern technology is an alternative option that can be developed / used at a household scale and in accordance with local potential,” Sandi said.

Sandi hopes that with the smoking technology that will be applied later, fresh fish can be preserved and not destroyed so that the selling price will also increase.

In order for the conceptualized program to run well and have an impact on the community, this training event invited two speakers who have competences in their respective fields.

The first speaker was FTP lecturer, Dr. Dodyk Pranowo who is an expert and fully understands the application of appropriate food technology.

Dodyk provided material on Optimizing the Use of Food Technology in an Effort to Create Alternative Livelihoods in Fishing Communities.

Fish Smoker Machine

Besides Dodyk, the PPTTG was also attended by Member of the House of Representatives Commission VII for Research, Energy and Technology Moreno Soeprapto. Moreno’s presence on this occasion was that what the lower-level fishing communities faced could be directly fought for by the executive.

“We, from the legislative, need academics to get to the root of the main problems at the lower levels. So far, if we go to the community, we only ask for it without a clear research. So, I am afraid that what we have been fighting for in the legislative will just evaporate because there is no relevant research before. With the presence of academics, we know the main problems faced by fishing communities, so that I in Commission VII can understand and prioritize what we should strive for fishing communities. Like the fishpond fisher who usually land the fish in Sendang Biru, it turns out that they need alternative livelihoods besides the needs of the TPI, wave splitters or lighthouses, ”said Moreno.

Besides Defrian Marza Arisandi, S.Pi., MP, the PPTTG UB team is also assisted by Dr. Ir. Guntur, M.S., Supriyadi, S.Pi., M.P., and Mentari Puspa Wardhani, S.Pi., M.Sc. (SND / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).