PKM Team Launches SMART CBE Program to Reduce School Dropout Rates

Image: Routine meditation activity with students at SMPN One Roof Gunungsari 04.

A total of five Brawijaya University students who are members of the Student Creativity Program (PKM) team in the field of Community Service (PM) are presenting new innovations as an effort to reduce school dropout rates with partners at SMPN One Roof Gunungsari 04 Batu City.

The team with advisor, Radityo Putro Handrito, SE., M.M., Ph.D. offers a program entitled SMART CBE by applying the Consciousness Based Education method which is applied to increase self-sense and interest in learning for students who have the potential to drop out of school through the practice of meditation.

The PKM SMART CBE team is chaired by I Gede Surya Gangga Kasih from the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, with members are Atiqah Mufidah Nur Niansah (Accounting), Aisyah Ninda Brilianti (Psychology), Anindya Putri Ardiningrum Paulus (Psychology), and Rahmannisa Hafni Lubis (Science Economy ).

The activities carried out in implementing this program lasted for 6 weeks from 9 August to 22 September 2023 with a total of 6 visits carried out.

“The method offered in this program is awareness-based learning in developing total brain function to increase intelligence, creativity and happiness in students and teachers,” said Gangga as head of the PKM PM SMART CBE team.

The PKM SMART CBE team packages the concept of Consciousness Based Education in the form of an interactive website which can be accessed at so that the learning process is more interesting.

There are several mainstay features such as Meditation, Smart Games and Go Ahead available on the website.

Meditation itself has a major role in implementing modern meditation for students. By running the program regularly, which is then packaged as a mandatory agenda for students, it is hoped that it can increase awareness, develop maximum potential, and have an impact on character formation.

“I think the implementation of SMART CBE program provides new colors and experiences for children. “You can see changes in their response and enthusiasm for taking part in lessons in class which tends to show improvement,” said Jefri as Vice Principal of SMPN One Roof Gunungsari 04 Batu City.

Dwi Lisman Putra, as the Principal of SMPN One Roof Gunungsari 04 also expressed the same thing.

According to him, with the implementation of SMART CBE program, there have been several impacts and changes that have been visible in terms of increasing student enthusiasm and interest in learning.

“After all, the future of this nation is in the hands of young people. If their educational future is not facilitated and guaranteed, the nation will slowly experience decline. “Furthermore, this program helps to welcome the golden generation of 2045 and can achieve the intelligent life of the nation,” said Gangga. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)