FIA PKM Team Helps Village in Implementing Information Management System

Arjowilangun Village Website

Community Service Team (PKM) Lecturers of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) together with students, help Arjowinangun Village, Kalipare, Malang Regency, implement a management information system to realize public information disclosure.

The PKM team consists of three lecturers, namely Dr. Lely Indah Mindarti, M.Sc., Dr. Choirul Saleh, M.Sc., Aulia Puspaning Galih, S.IIP., MS., and two students, namely Eric Budi Maulana and Austin Aji Tresna, presented three materials which were carried out in stages.

The first material given is about the disclosure of public information and its application to government agencies, especially village governments in Indonesia.

The team leader, Dr. Lely Indah Mindarti, M.Sc., said this material was considered very helpful for the village in understanding the importance of providing public information for the community.

“Villagers need to understand the importance of public information disclosure in accordance with Law Number 14 of 2008. Through the implementation of public information disclosure, accountability will be built in village governance,” said Lely.

The second material was delivered by Dr. Choirul Saleh, M.Si. regarding the importance of the Information Management System in the application of public information openness in the village.

“The Information Management System in the form of website is important in helping the process of disseminating public information which should be provided by the village. With the website, it is easier for the community to access village information,” said Choirul Saleh.

The third material is about Information Management System in the form of website for Arjowilangun village, Kalipare, Malang Regency which has been created by the PKM team. This material was delivered by Aulia Puspaning Galih, S.IIP., MS.

“We created a public information disclosure website for Arjowilangun Village since the village does not yet have a platform for the community to access village information.

This website can also be used as a promotional platform for Arjowilangun village since this village has many advantages but is not widely known by the public,” said Aulia.

This PKM activity went smoothly with the help of village officials who accepted the PKM team with open arms.

Village officials are very enthusiastic about participating in this PKM activity because they understand the importance of implementing an Information Management System in realizing public information disclosure in Arjowilangun village. (*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).