The Service Team Improves the Ecotourism Governance of CMC Tiga Warna

One of the community empowerment programs that is the scope of work of Kediri Off-Campus Study Program (PSDKU), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuddin Harahab, MP, is providing assistance in ecotourism management by applying ecotourism principles and teaching methods of evaluating the application of ecotourism principles in managing community-based marine ecotourism.

Understanding this, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuddin Harahab, MP as the Head of the PSDKU-UB Kediri Study Program made a study of the correct ecotourism management so that further ecotourism management can apply all ecotourism principles which include the principles of conservation, participation, education and recreation, economy, and control.

This activity was carried out at the Three Colors CMC Secretariat located in Tambakrejo Village, South Malang Regency on Thursday (10/8/23). This activity involved a service team consisting of Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuddin Harahab, MP as head of service and several students. Meanwhile, the partners involved the CMC Tiga Warna ecotourism manager and the community around the CMC Tiga Warna area.

Submission of material and discussions are carried out to clarify the principles and indicators of ecotourism principles so that the community is able to develop indicators for evaluating these principles.

In addition, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was also specifically carried out to make people’s mental attitudes more aware and change in mind towards environmental sustainability. The activities of the community service team are carried out in a measurable manner for the achievement of the expected targets and outcomes.

Focus Group Discussions (FGD) are conducted with managers and community leaders to obtain ecotourism management formulas that are in accordance with the specific tourist sites.

“It is hoped that this activity will help improve the governance of CMC Tiga Warna ecotourism, so that in the future the management of CMC Tiga Warna ecotourism can apply ecotourism principles which are believed to be able to conserve resources and provide high benefits to the community,” concluded Nuddin.

By trying to evaluate the principles of ecotourism, it is hoped that there will be an increase in governance that is more accelerative and productive, in the end. The PSDKU-UB Kediri service team is determined to continue to provide assistance in order to create improvements in ecotourism governance as part of tourism features that will continue to be developed in South Malang Regency, especially in CMC Tiga Warna ecotourism area. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)