FEB Service Team Improves IMAKOBA Managerial Skills

FEB UB Service Team (Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya) conducts coaching and training on organizational management for the management of IMAKOBA (Student Association of Batu City), Thursday (26/5/2022).

“We consider this training is important for IMAKOBA Management so that problems can be overcome and their contribution to the people of Batu City is even greater. Moreover, this organization is purely for social purposes, so we need to support it,” said Moh. Erfan Arif, SE., MM. as the Head of the Service Team.

This training explained to IMAKOBA management about planning, organizing, personnel, directing and controlling in organizational management.

This is in line with the problems experienced by IMAKOBA such as the lack awareness of members to be active, and bonds that have not been built.

The head of IMAKOBA, Dimas Hamdan, admitted that this training provided benefits because it is in line with current actual problems.

“This organizational management training is very beneficial for us, because it suits our current needs. Hopefully, the spirit of our friends will increase and execute the programs that have been made,” he hoped.

Likewise, Cindy Cornelia who is a student of Accounting Department FEB UB said the material presented in this training was interesting and became new knowledge for the management and the participants were very enthusiastic.

“The material was very interesting and we got new insights. In addition, the participants were also enthusiastic and no one fell asleep because the selection of the place was very appropriate.”

Regarding this kind of training or activity, Erfan said that the program will continue to be carried out by FEB UB since it is the obligation of universities or lecturers to carry out community service activities.

It is planned that the next program will target BUMDES (Village Owned Enterprises) which will be used as partners to develop Tourism Villages in Batu City.

IMAKOBA is a forum for students from Batu City to develop their managerial potential.

As a non-profit organization, IMAKOBA experiences ups and downs in carrying out its activities and work programs.

In fact, this organization has a very good role and purpose including developing creativity, patriotic spirit, and social sensitivity of its members. (ERF/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).