KKN T FIA Promotes Purwosari Eco Bike Park

There are many ways to increase tourism potential, one of which is by utilizing social media, as was done by a group of students from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya.

Ari Cahya Permata with a 49 group of Thematic Community Service Programs combines nature tourism, culinary, cultural and people’s economic empowerment in Purwosari and Singosari areas, Malang Regency. This group introduced the potential of Purwosari Eco Bike Park to the public, after being neglected during the pandemic.

“This Purwoasri Eco Bike Park was actually built before the pandemic period, and its construction was delayed in 2020 due to the pandemic. This year it was moved again to continue its construction, “said Ari.

Purwosari Eco Bike Park, he added, provides a place for bicycle sports to make bicycle lovers glance at the special track or path that has been created at Purwoasri Eco Bike Park. “This location also presents extraordinary natural beauty, so it can pamper the visiting tourists, there is also a gazebo for sitting and resting,” added the student from the Department of Business Administration.

This 49 group of the FIA ​​KKN T participants also carried out tourism promotions through social media. “We help in creating accounts, loading content and videos to introduce Purwosari Eco Bike Park to the public, the goal is to build awareness of this location, even though it has not been opened yet,” he explained.

Purwosari Eco Bike Park

The promotion carried out by this group is by holding a soft launching of Purwosari Eco Bike Park with various series of activities on 31 July. “We participate in planning promotions and publications to get sponsors from outside parties, as well as celebrating the anniversary of the bicycle club of Purwosari villagers, as well as introducing this location to the community around Purwosari,” he concluded. (Ari/VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)