Lecturer Team of UPT PKM UB Held Digital Literacy Training

Digital Literacy Training by UPT PKM UB at SMK PGRI 3 Tlogomas

The Technical Service Unit for Student Personality Development (UPT PKM) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) carries out community service by taking the Digital Literacy Training format at SMK PGRI 3 Tlogomas, Malang, Tuesday (02/08/2022).

The head of the Community Service Team, Emi Setyaningsih, S.Fil., M.Phil said that this activity was held considering social media as the main source of information and reference that was accessed by the millennial generation, although it provided many conveniences, it turned out to be a dark hole.

“One of the negative impacts of using social media is the waning of tolerance values ​​because content that smells of SARA invades and floods our social media. This raises our concern for lecturers under the auspices of UPT PKM to contribute in maximizing digital technology for the realization of a polite, tolerant, and civilized generation through community service programs,” said Emi.

Community Service conducted by Emi Setyaningsih, S.Fil., M.Phil, Dr. Mohamad Anas, S.Fil.I., M.Phil, Millatuz Zakiyah, S.Pd., M.A and Albar Adetary Hasibuan, S.Fil.I., M.Phil. One of the pillars is a digital culture that focuses on knowledge about the values ​​of tolerance as the foundation of digital skills in the life of a diverse society.

“This Digital Literacy Training targets students who are sitting in this early semester with the aim of increasing digital skills and intelligence in social media based on the values ​​of tolerance,” Emi explained.

Millatuz Zakiyah, S.Pd., M.A while giving material about challenges in the digital era

At the training event in the first session, Millatuz Zakiyah conveyed about the challenges in the digital era, namely the increasing prevalence of hate speech, hate spin and intolerance in tweets or comments uploaded by social media users.

Milla further explained that the escalation of conflict sharpens in cyberspace and often has an impact on the real world. For example, when social media is used for political purposes, it raises the issue of SARA to win a political competition.

“Unfortunately, netizens often get news through social media that is not necessarily the truth, just believe it, then share it with other people. This will further foster something that is not productive, namely intolerance,” said Milla.

Dr. Mohamad Anas, S.Fil.I., M.Phil

Then in the second session there was Mohammad Anas, who conveyed the importance of digital culture for the millennial generation. Digital culture or is something that shapes the way humans interact, behave, think and communicate in a society that uses internet technology.

According to Anas, there needs to be a foundation for millennials to use social media so they don’t get caught up in reasoning, attitudes, and intolerant behavior.

At the end of his description, Anas invited the students of SMK 3 PGRI Tlogomas to use social media as an effective bridge to spread tolerance values ​​by filtering hoax content and hate speech and creating creative content with tolerance nuances.

The enthusiasm of the participants can be seen from their activeness in exchanging ideas, asking speakers, and giving opinions on each material being presented. The event closed with the handover of souvenirs and assistance for the digital literacy improvement program at SMK 3 PGRI Tlogomas. [ES/Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]