Doktor Mengabdi Team to Develop Energy Independent Tourism Area

The need for electrical energy for the coastal areas of southern Malang is still unevenly distributed. Some areas still have not received electricity supply from PLN yet. The existing electricity is still not stable, moreover, access to electricity is still limited to crowded points.

Seeing this phenomenon, the UB Doktor Mengabdi Team feels the need to develop clean energy potential based on abundant natural energy such as sunlight and wind around the beach.

Chaired by M. Fauzan Edy Purnomo, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., this community service raised Empowering the Coastal Area Community of Sendiki, Tambakrejo Village, Through Training and Utilization of Renewable Energy Conversion Technology.

In the implementation, Fauzan Ph.D., assisted by members which consist of Eka Maulana ST MT MEng, Lunde Ardhenta ST MSc, Fitri Candra Wardana SE MAcc PhD, and Supriono SSos MAB.

In September 2021 the team in collaboration with Pokdarwis Sendiki Tambakrejo held training and installation of solar and wind portable hybrid power plants with a capacity of 600 watts.

“In this training, we invite representatives of the coastal communities of Sendiki Beach and Tambakrejo as well as the coordinator of each tourist area,” explained Fauzan.

This Electrical Engineering lecturer continued, this service was prepared for four months in the coastal area of ​​Sendiki – Tamban Beach, hilly area of ​​Paralayang Hill, Tambakrejo village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang.

“Hopefully this activity can create energy-independent coastal tourism development,” he hoped.

The Doktor Mengabdi program, he continued, is very beneficial for both academics and partners. This activity can be a support for increasing the pattern of cooperation that builds and supports each other.

Furthermore, scientific activities based on community service will be continued to be pursued to contribute and participate in improving the quality of science with the outputs in the form of innovations, inventions, and patents/HKI (Intellectual Property Rights). (humasft)