FCS UB’s Doctoral Service Team Encourages FKUB Malang Raya through Capacity Building

Workshop to Strengthen the Capacity Building of the FKUB Malang Raya
Workshop to Strengthen the Capacity Building of the FKUB Malang Raya

Doctoral Service Team of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a workshop to strengthen the Capacity Building of the members of FKUB (Forum for Religious Harmony) Malang Raya through a virtual meeting on Friday (8/20/2021). The event was opened by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs FCS UB, Hamamah, Ph.D. In her speech, Hamamah emphasized the importance of inter-institutional work collaboration to produce better services to the community.

“The collaboration between FCS UB and FKUB is respectable concerning the issue of religious pluralism,” she said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Doctoral Service Team, Dr. Hipolitus K. Kewuel, who is also a lecturer of FCS UB, said that this activity is a continuation of researches series that has been conducted. This Doctoral Service Program (DSP) is a form of action to further assist FKUB in designing and carrying out their duties.

Dr. Hipo also presented some of his research results in a SWOT analysis scheme as an illustration for members of FKUB Malang Raya to see strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities.

“These things need to be seen as a map to develop the strength of the FKUB program,” he said.

Prof. Moh. Fadli, a lecturer of the Faculty of Law UB, who acts as a keynote speaker, highlighted several important things for FKUB to maximize its roles. The role of FKUB is very important and strategic because the task of FKUB is to create harmony in life.

“FKUB is very fundamental because it provides comfort for the people to live and work in. So, to maximize the work of FKUB, it can cooperate with company stakeholders through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. So FKUB will be more flexible in the program management because financial matters are not solely dependent on the government. The government is just one of the stakeholders,” he said.

The Mayor of Batu City, Dewanti Rumpoko, appreciated FKUB Batu City, who had worked optimally. She admits that the funding support for FKUB from the Batu City Government is small, but the results of the work are top.

“I really appreciate the Batu City FKUB which, although it has minimal funding, the results of its work are best. I think this is because FKUB has strong social capital, consisting of religious leaders and community leaders. In the future, if it is supported with better funding apart from the city government and the company’s CSR stakeholders, FKUB’s work will surely be even more pleasing,” she added. [DTS]