The UB DOKAR Team Collaborates with the Gresik Regency Government

The increase in the utilization of Jalan Manyar as the Java North Coast Route carried out by Gresik Regency is a form of follow-up to Presidential Regulation Number 80 of 2019 concerning the Acceleration of Economic Development in the Gresik-Bangkalan-Mojokerto-Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Lamongan Region, the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru Area , as well as the Wilis Circumference Area, and Southern Cross.

As a follow-up to the provisions mentioned above, the Gresik Regency Government plans land acquisition activities starting with carrying out a Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan (LARAP) study and compiling it in the form of a Land Acquisition Planning Document.

Subsequently, the document was submitted for a Location Determination Permit to the Governor of East Java. The Location Determination Permit is the basis for carrying out land acquisition.

In this activity useful suggestions and input are needed for the Gresik Regency to carry out activities to increase the utilization of the Manyar highway by holding land activities at the beginning of the activity concerned.

Therefore, the UB Dosen Berkarya (DOKAR) Team, chaired by Dr. Eng. Tri Budi Prayogo, ST., MT., took the initiative to cooperate with the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Gresik Regency.

In doing this project, the Water Resources Engineering (WRE) lecturer who is usually called Didit collaborates with his team members consisting of Dr. Runi Asmaranto, ST., MT., Dr. Eng Andre Primantyo Hendrawan, ST., MT., Dr. Hari Siswoyo, ST., MT., and Djaffan Sidqi Fidari, ST., MT.

The collaboration is carried out in the form of consultation and giving advice in land acquisition activities related to the fields of knowledge in the WRE Department.

This collaboration does not rule out the possibility that the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office will partner with the department in terms of outreach to the user community and those affected by the land acquisition.

The expected result of this collaboration is the availability of land acquisition documents that are in accordance with their designation in order to increase the utilization of the Manyar road, which are in accordance with scientific principles.

“The documents we provide include rules for measuring and mapping river areas, flood control rules, land use rules, environmental rules, and everything that is relevant to the field of science that can be implemented in conditions in the field later,” explained Didit.

For the lecturers involved, this activity can be a forum for applying science and technology development as part of knowledge transfer with the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Gresik Regency.

“Apart from sharing knowledge, of course with this collaborative experience, we hope that it can increase the capacity and skills of lecturers in the realm of practice and implementation of scientific fields,” added the lecturer in the area of expertise in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

For the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office, it will produce a solution to a problem in the field of developing road utilization that is in accordance with scientific principles and can be implemented in the field.

In addition, there is a network of cooperation that exists with all related parties. This networking can be continued by holding collaborations between other agencies in Gresik Regency and other faculties within Universitas Brawijaya.

For the benefit of Universitas Brawijaya, this collaboration encourages the realization of the Vision and Mission of Universitas Brawijaya, especially the Second Mission, which is to carry out the role of universities as agents of reform, pioneers, and disseminators of knowledge.

In addition, the collaboration that is manifested in the activities of the lecturers working can be used to achieve the target of UB’s IKU, especially related to the number of lecturers working outside the campus inside and outside the country and the number of practitioners teaching on campus. (HumasFT)