The DOKAR Team of Agribusiness Study Program of PSDKU Kediri Initiates Collaboration with Kyoto University

Lecturer Works (Dokar) Team of Agribusiness Study Program of PSDKU UB Kediri Universitas Brawijaya is exploring cooperation with Kyoto University to improve the quality of education and research to be recognized internationally. The Lecturer Team consisting of Dr. Ir. Rita Parmawati, SP., ME., IPU., ASEAN Eng., (Team Leader), Dr. Dwi Retno Andriani, SP., MP (KPS Agribusiness of PSDKU UB Kediri), Dr. Fadli Mulyadi, SP., MP (member) and Dr.Agr.Sc. Hagus Tarno, SP., MP (member) conducted an exploration of cooperation with Kyoto University for five days (23/11-28/11/2022).

The collaboration initiated by Agribusiness Study Program Team of PSDKU UB Kediri with Kyoto University, namely thelaboratory of sustainable rural development and laboratory Agri-food system management in the field of joint research, lecturer exchange and guest lectures.

The team leader of Dokar Team. Rita Parmawati said the collaboration that would later be initiated with Kyoto University also aims at increasing the competence and capacity of academic and research staff; improve the competency and capacity of graduates; improve the university’s reputation in the eyes of the international community and gain financial benefits by the arrival of foreign students as well as using the research results of the Agribusiness Study Program of the Faculty of Agriculture PSDKU UB Kediri, also responding to the demands of a quality labor market in the international world so that PSDKU UB Kediri graduates do not only take part in the country but are expected to work and compete abroad.

Dokar Team with Dr. Satoshi HOSHINO, Professor of Rural Planning, GSA Kyoto University

“We hope that the joint collaboration will increase the Main Performance Index (IKU) 6, such as the exchange of scientific materials, publications and information in the field of research, student exchanges, as well as research collaborations and meetings in scientific forums,” he said.

As a step to explore further collaboration, Rita and her team in January 2023 will hold a guest lecture with one of Kyoto professors.

Rita added, in this activity it is planned to sign an Implemented Agreement with Kyoto University. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]