Physic Departement Team Conducts Community Service at Wahid Hasyim Vocational School Bangil

The team from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Brawijaya University, consisting of Drs. Hari Arief Dharmawan, M.Eng., Ph.D., Ir. Dionysius Joseph Djoko Herry Santjojo, M.Phil., Ph.D., Dr. Istiroyah, S.Sc., MT, Dr.Eng Masruroh, S.Si., M.Si., and Sri Herwiningsih, S.Si., M.App.Sc, Ph.D, have held community service activities in Wahid Hasyim Vocational School, Bangil on July 26 2023. This activity aims to provide socialization regarding the use of simple electrical circuit practical tools that had previously been designed and made by the team.

The service team consists of 5 lecturers who are competent in their fields and assisted by 2 dedicated students. Participants in this activity involved teachers and students from Wahid Hasyim Vocational School Bangil. It is hoped that this activity will provide great benefits, especially for students in mastering science concepts related to simple electricity.

This service activity also aims to increase students’ self-confidence in carrying out practices that involve the use of practical equipment. It is hoped that this will provide a positive impetus for the development of education at Wahid Hasyim Vocational School Bangil, especially in physics subjects.

With this community service activity, the team from Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Brawijaya University hopes to make a meaningful contribution in increasing students’ understanding of science and preparing them for practices involving simple electrical equipment. (TIM/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)